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Tastings:   Your $25 Tasting fee includes ONE Tasting event (this price is lowered on purpose for your initial Tasting.) 

You may choose 3 regular cake flavors, and this is for 2 people.  

IF more than one Tasting event is wanted, then cupcakes will be charged at regular price, per cupcake with 2 cupcakes per flavor required.  If you would like to meet in person and sit down together, please let us know.

For Flavors List, click here.

You may schedule a Tasting (for any cake over $400) before you Book,

OR once your design is finalized and you have paid your Retainer. 

IF you have paid your Retainer, then there is no additional charge for your Tasting of regular cake flavors

Specialty flavors may be an additional fee. 


We usually drop off a "To-Go" Tasting box  for you to Taste at home with your family, unless you are far, then we can schedule to meet somewhere in between us to hand it over to you.  IF you desire a one-on-one meeting, then please let us know. 


Once you have Paid  your Tasting (except for any special ingredients we had to buy, like alcohol) and you Book your cake, the Tasting fee is credited back to your cake Order of over $400.  

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