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Things to Consider For 
Your Wedding

      When To Order:    Plan to find and contact your baker at least 6 months to a year before your wedding date  (Hopefully us,  : D).  We limit the number of our bookings per date; so plan early.

      Tasting:   We schedule and bake especially for each tasting and do not keep any cakes around.  We charge $25 for a tasting for two people, with three flavors (alcohol or special purchases will be extra).  IF you have already booked your cake, then the tasting is no charge for a cake over $300.  IF you wish to taste first without any obligation, then the charge applies but will be credited back to you upon your Order qualification.  We also offer "To-Go" tastings, which means we will meet or bring you your tasting so that you may take it and try with family in the comfort of your home.  We usually bring you cupcakes for your tasting.       


      Serving Size:   Our Servings size is 1" wide, by 2" long, by about 4 1/2" tall.
Keep in mind when ordering your wedding cake that if you want to save the top tier for your one-year anniversary, you need to discuss this with your baker, and then don't count that tier in your servings count.  


      Select a Style for Your Cake:   Are you traditional or modern or somewhere in between?  With all the online pictures and of course Pinterest, there should be several ideas that you might like.  We can always combine a few.  : )   Remember that your cake design should echo the design and style of your wedding.  Once you pick a design, decide whether you want your cake Buttercream iced only, or whether  you like the smooth look of fondant covered.  Your baker will guide you here as some designs are suitable only in fondant covered.   Don't forget to consider the weather for the time of year you will be married.  Let the baker know upfront if you plan an outside reception.

                                                       The average wedding in the U.S. has 175 guests.

      Pricing:   Pricing for Buttercream iced starts at $4 per serving.  Fondant covered starts at $5 per serving.
Cake prices are based on number of servings first, plus details of the work desired.  Traditional serving size is a 1" x 2" piece.   Availability of seasonal fresh fruits, any hand made sugar flowers, and use of alcohol will also affect your price. If you are running tight on a budget, it is best to discuss your actual budget with your cake designer.  They (hopefully,
we  : D ) will be able to suggest ways to cut costs.

      To Save the Top Tier or NOT?   

I would suggest NOT....  : (    Freezer burn is awful!  Even if you take the most painstaking packaging measures, eating the top tier of your cake on your first anniversary usually sounds far better than it tastes.  Consider celebrating on your Two-Week or One-Month anniversary, and then treat yourself to a freshly baked cake in the same flavor as your wedding cake on your First Year Anniversary.  If you just must save your tier, wrap the cake in freezer Press-n-Seal, then in heavy aluminum foil.  Keep in mind when ordering your wedding cake that if you want to save the top tier for a one-month or one-year anniversary, you need to discuss this with your baker, and remember you can't count that in your servings count.


      Do You Want a Groom's Cake?
This of course is a personal choice.  Let us know; we'd love to help you.

      Do You Want Baked Favors?
If so, talk with your baker.  We like to bake cookies.  


      Get Your Wedding Cake Price in Writing:   Check that all the details, including date, place/venue, time of wedding, style of flowers, flavors of cake, and delivery arrangements are all in your contract.  Your contract should be updated anytime you change your mind.  Our tracking of your order by email shows our conversations as they evolve and lastly becomes our Contract.

       We Offer A Honeymoon Take Away Basket:   This gives you the opportunity for you to enjoy your own wedding cake the morning after your wedding or while on your honeymoon.  Just have someone put your beautiful basket in your limo for you, or grab it on the way out the door!  We give you cupcakes in your cake flavors,  sodas or splits, and a few chocolates or other treats.  As you provide info, we will customize your basket for you and make it fantastic.  Click here for info on the Honeymoon Take Away Basket. 

      Choose a Display For Your Cake(s):   Don’t forget to think about how you would like to display your wedding cake and groom's cake.  What do you want the table to look like?  Will you set your wedding cake on a center table, viewable from all sides?  If so, you need to let your baker/designer know.  Do you want specialty linens or plain colored tablecloths for your cake tables?  What about the cake platform/plateau?  Does your venue provide one?  Do you need to buy one?  Do you want to decorate your table with flower petals or crystals to match your cake?  Also if your wedding is taking place in the evening, do you need to plan lighting for the cake?  

      Make Sure You Understand Your Venue's Policies Concerning Clean-Up:   Most venues will allow a 30-45 minute window for removal of all decorations, rentals, floral, and gifts.  It is important to remember that the staff at the venue has often been there for several hours prior to your arrival time and probably still have a couple of hours of work after you leave.  A wedding planner or Day-Of coordinator really earns her money.  A good coordinator works with you to itemize all decorations, floral, etc. and creates and executes the clean-up plan so you don’t have to.  If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, reach out to trusted friends and relatives early and give them a specific list of tasks.

      Contact Your Floral Designer:   Make arrangements with your floral designer, and put your baker in contact with your floral designer too.  Usually your baker will want to be the only one touching your cake.  If you don't know a floras designer, we will be happy to suggest one.  : D

      Consider a Keepsake Painting of Your Wedding Cake:   It can be whimsical and fun, or elegant.  You choose.  Click here to read more.


      Types of Icings:

      Buttercream Icing:  Buttercream is very smooth to the pallet and sweet.  This icing can be pretty much any flavor you desire and can also be tinted to the desired color.  We use a crusting BC which means that it sets, but is soft when you eat eat.

      Rolled Fondant:  Fondant is a prepared icing that is paper white in color and more expensive than most other icings.  It surrounds the cake layers and hardens to a smooth finished look.  This icing can be tinted to any desired color and may also be shaped into details for your cake.  Fondant is like an edible play doh like consistency, that can be molded.

      Royal Icing:  Rarely used, but useful for certain details on a cake.  Not used as a covering.

      Nutella Frosting:  Recommended for fillings.  This is a chocolate hazelnut flavor that is creamy, and soft and only comes in chocolate color.  


      Ganache:   Recommended for fillings.  Ganache is made with European white or dark chocolate and 40% heavy cream for a very rich, and thick chocolate.  It has a smooth somewhat shiny appearance.  

The tradition of throwing the garter and bouquet
comes from ancient times when guests would tear off parts of the bride's gown as tokens of good luck

The busiest wedding days in order of popularity are Sat. afternoon, Sat. morning, Fri. evening
& Sun. afternoon.

The tradition of the groom not seeing the
bride before the wedding stems from he days when marriages were arranged and the groom might never have see the bride.  There was a chance that if he saw her first, he might bolt. 

The Greeks thought diamonds (adamas) were tears of the gods, and that they were splinters from heavenly stars.

The tradition of the bridal veil comes down from 
Greek and Roman times when they were worn to protect the bride from evil spirits.

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