Regular Cake Flavors:    

French Vanilla  (which is our basic vanilla)

Almond Cake (classic almond flavored vanilla cake using flavorings)

OR *VERY ALMOND, using *almond paste, which is upcharge

Vanilla cake infused with raspberry

Vanilla cake infused with strawberry

Caramel Cake (*opt. Caramel Sauce Filling which is upcharge)
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Cake Infused with Raspberry Flavor
Chocolate /Vanilla Marble

Mexican Hot Chocolate  (choc cake w cinnamon)

Dark Chocolate (rich, not as sweet; reinforced with coffee) 
Chocolate/Orange Marble 

Strawberry/Vanilla Marble

White Chocolate

White Chocolate w Raspberry Flavor Infused 

White Chocolate w Strawberry Flavor Infused 

Banana Infused Cake (*walnuts optional)

Red Velvet

Coconut Flavor Infused Cake 


Premium Cake Flavors   * denotes upcharge:

*Raspberry Swirl Cake (Vanilla cake w raspberry swirls throughout the cake)

*Blueberry Cake

*Cappuccino  (made with coffee)

*Caramel Macchiato Cake  (oh my goodness! coffee & caramel cake)

*Chocolate Cake topped with Frangelico, and Frangelico BC icing  

*Chocolate Toffee   (rich choc w gentle toffee flavor cake w a layer of toffee bits in filling)

*Mint Chocolate    (regular choc cake w bits of mint baked in)

*Vanilla Chai Cake (vanilla cake infused with Chai spices)

*Pumpkin Spice Cake  (pumpkin cake with gentle spices, *can add walnuts)

*Spice Cake  (cinnamon, cloves lightly spiced cake)

*Spiced Rum Cake  (warm spices w Jamaican rum spooned over top)

*Maple Cake (Vanilla cake w a gentle maple flavor, *toasted pecans optional)

*Champaign or Pink Champaign (Asti Spumante)

*Strawberry & White Chocolate Cream Cake

*Your Choice of Liqueur, Infused Vanilla or Chocolate Cake 

*Any alcohol infused cake or icing

*Chocolate Kahlua Cake  (or your choice of chocolate liqueur)
*Bailey's Irish Cream Cake  (in vanilla or chocolate cake) 
*Whiskey Infused --- (You name your weapon)(in vanilla, chocolate, or caramel cake)

*Oreo Cookies Cake  (not suitable for carving)
*Peanut Butter Cup Cake (Filling can be peanut butter buttercream or chocolate BC or  both) (not suitable for  carving)

*Blue Berry Muffin Cake (just like old fashioned muffins in cake form)
*Orange Creamsicle Cake (w orange creamsicle BC filling)

*Eggnog Cake  (vanilla cake w eggnog, bourbon & nutmeg)  (seasonal)

*Old Fashioned Pound Cake, made with butter  (not available for Tastings)

Cake Icings & Fillings:   * denotes upcharge for premium flavor:

Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream

White Chocolate Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream 
Raspberry Buttercream
Lemon Buttercream

Almond Buttercream

Coffee Buttercream

Caramel Buttercream

*Chocolate Mint Buttercream

*Cream Cheese Flavored Buttercream icing

*Fresh Made Caramel Sauce -Filling only

​*Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) -Filling only

*White Chocolate Buttercream w added Frangelico

*Spiced Rum Buttercream  (Rum from the islands)
*Orange Creamsickle Buttercream
*Raspberry, Strawberry, or other Berry, Jam-Like Filling
*Chocolate Ganache Filling

*Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling
*Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Filling
*White Chocolate Ganache Filling
*White Chocolate Ganache with Frangelico Filling
*Lemon Curd Filling
*Amaretto Almond Buttercream (w Real Amaretto Liqueur) Filling
*Any Liqueur-based Buttercream Filling


Materials Used:

We use Swiss fondant, Swiss white chocolate fondant, and American Buttercream icing as outside coverings

We use fondant, sugar paste, modeling chocolate, rice krispie treats, and cake for modeling items.

We use handmade (hard) sugar paste flowers and  handmade *wafer paper flowers.  Edible, but NOT recommended for eating due to the hardness of the sugar (sugar paste) or *the lack of flavor (wafer paper).

We use edible printed sugar sheets and edible printed *wafer paper for some decorative items.

  *wafer paper is an edible rice or potato starch paper or ribbon.  It basically has no taste, melts in your mouth instantly, but not necessarily recommended for eating because it doesn't have a taste, or the food coloring ink may have a slight off-taste. 


Pricing & Payment

Minimum order is $150.


Buttercream icing starts at $4 per serving, and

Fondant covered with BC icing under it starts at $5 per serving.


A serving size is 1" wide, by 2" long, by about 4 1/2" or slightly more, tall.

Carved cakes start at $250. 

A Rush Order fee of a minimum of $100 may apply if you are asking for a last minute cake.

A Change Order Fee of a minimum of $100 or more, may apply for changes to your Order within the week before your event date.  

Payment is usually via Paypal or Venmo.  We can discuss.


Delivery:  If you are close, within 15 minutes, $10 - $15; if you are 30 minutes away, $30; if less than an hour away, $30 - $60;  if an hour or more away - calculated on gas and time, -- $60+; however, downtown Atlanta area usually $150.  Dahlonega is usually $100 and up.

Set-up charge:  is added into your delivery fee if your cake is complicate or time consuming.


Carved 3-D cakes start at $250 (per carved cake), starting at about 5 - 10 servings

Larger carved cakes starting at $6 a serving, and easily $10+ a serving.


Regular size Cupcakes are available with your cake order, starting at $4.00 each; minimum 1 dozen.

Sugar Cookies start at $38 a doz; minimum 2 doz.

Specialty cookies, such as white chocolate Macadamia nut cookies.

Handmade chocolates, and chocolate covered Oreos.


A Few Tiered Round Cakes Servings and Starting Price Guide:

    •    6" & 8" (serve 36) | starting at $144 for BC iced (or starting at $150, if ordering a single small cake)

    •    6"-8"-10" (serve 74) | starting at $296

    •    6"-9"-12" (serve 100) | starting at $400

    •    6"-10"-12" (serve 106) | starting at $424

    •    8"-10"-12" (serve 118) | starting at $472

    •    6"-8"-10"-12" rounds (serve 130) | starting at $520    

    •    Larger cakes, additional tiers and cake dummies available 

(Pls note: cake dummies are less, but not significantly less because the same amount of decorating is required;

so larger dummies would be more cost effective.)

We don't generally do sheet cakes, but if the shape is desired or needed, it is charge at the normal per-serving charge.

All orders must be paid-in-full two weeks before due date.

A one-half down, non-refundable Retainer puts you on our calendar and holds your spot, and then the other half is due two weeks before the due date.  IF you pay all up-front, then HALF is still considered the Retainer.

*IF we take a last minute order, we require payment in full at time of placing your order.  A last minute Rush Order Fee of a minimum of $100 may apply.


Please note:  You do not have an order with us and are not placed on our Calendar until Full payment, or Retainer payment has been made.


*IF you need to cancel your order after Retainer has been made, Retainer is non-refundable.  
 The Retainer was intended to keep us from booking other cakes in your timeframe and date.     

  • If Full payment has been made all at one time, upfront, Half is still considered the Retainer.

  • Retainer is non-refundableAND any work that we have done plus time used, and any supplies that we have bought specifically for your order, will be subtracted from your amount that goes forward toward a future cake dated within one year.  

  • Canceling within one month of your date:  Retainer is non-refundable;  Then 10% of total paid may go forward as a credit towards your next order, less any items already purchased specifically for your order, time spent, and any baking that we have already done





As we are purely an online business, design appointments are not generally needed because we work everything out over email.  BUT we definitely can schedule a meeting if needed or if you would be more comfortable.  However with email, it's quick.  We both save time and gas, AND everything is written down and therefore easy to track and follow.  I generally send a Paypal or a Venmo request when it is time for payment.  


We are consistently able to assist you in a very accurate and time efficient manner via email.  


Please send any photos via email of cakes you like or send a copy of your invite if we need to coordinate. You may mail a color sample if we need to target a specific shade. 

*Please note, that if items are printed, the colors may not look like the colors on your viewing screen.  All screens show colors differently (just like TVs), and printing with food coloring sometimes varies in color results.

Please remember that we are known for delivering very accurate results and all of our orders are strictly based on a written cake design agreement that we track via email.  You will be asked to carefully read the written Order that comes in your email, and okay it, as that is what we print out to make your cake, and it becomes our Contract once payment has been made.  Any changes will require a new email with your okaying the newly rewritten Order.


You may schedule a Tasting (for any cake over $300) upfront before we price for you OR once your design is finalized and you have paid your Retainer.  If you have paid your Retainer, then there is no additional charge for your Tasting of regular cake flavors.  Specialty flavors may be an additional fee.  We usually drop off a "To-Go" box for you to Taste at home with your family, unless you are far, then we can schedule to meet in the middle.  IF you desire a one-on-one meeting, then please let us know.  If you would like to schedule a Tasting before Booking, the fee is $25 for three regular cake flavors, at two servings each.  Once you have Booked, your Tasting fee (except for any special ingredients we had to buy, like alcohol) is credited back to your cake Order of over $300.  



Fall & Winter 2020 

  • Romantic Non-Structured Buttercream is Still a Winner

  • Clean Lines

  • Buttercream & Fondant:  Stippled, Ruffled & Patterned

  • Tapestry Inspired Textures

  • Hand Painted Watercolor Look

  • Piped DOTS are IN

  • Vintage cakes are IN (Think tiered with columns)

  • Handmade Elements Design

  • Sugar Flowers; Edible Pressed Flowers; Water Color Flowers

  • For the Adventurous:  Gravity Defying Cakes

  • Mosaic Designs

  • Wedding Colors:  Deep, Moody Colors are IN

  • Intense Colors are New

  • Deep, Vivid, Blues

  • Top Colors for 2020:  Burgundy & Navy; Red & Green; Purple & Persimmon (Rusty, Earthy Orange); Dark Emerald Green & Gray; Gray & Black; Burgundy & Black; Blue-Grey & Black

  • Black Cakes are Showing Up

  • Hand Painting 

  • Hand Painted Metallics:  Copper, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Pearl

  • Printed, Edible, Wafer Paper around Cakes is IN

  • "Leaf" on Cakes: Gold; Silver; Rose Gold; Copper Leaf

  • Nearly Naked Cakes with Metallics partly covering the Cake

  • Monograms are Still In 

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Personal & Unique Cake Toppers

  • Theme Foods, Desserts, Donuts, Cheeses, Macarons

  • Dessert Table

  • Beach & Destination Weddings are Still IN




   This FALL & WINTER 2020

   Burgundy & Navy; Red & Green; Purple & Persimmon;

   Dark Emerald Green & Gray; Gray & Black;

   Burgundy & Black; Blue-Grey & Black

   You might check out ColorsBridesMaid.com

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