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Love love loved my beautiful wedding cake!!   -Whitney R.  Dec. 2016

Hello Jeanine!  We had a fabulous beyond words fantastic honeymoon that we will never forget! During our stay in Antigua we had wonderful snacks that lasted us all week thanks to you. They put the (Honeymoon) basket in our get away car so when we got in we had a wonderful surprise waiting! It was gorgeous and may I add way over done... I had no idea there would be such a wonderful variety of items to choose from... and trust me it all got eaten! The cake was delicious and is completely gone. My son finished off the chocolate cake while we were gone. The icing and cake were wonderful and we had so many people ask where we got the cake from. I hope you don't mind if I give your info out! I love every layer and the design was exactly what I wanted, EXACTLY! I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful job done... you definitely made a memory we will never forget!  - Megan M

The cake was AWESOME!! He loved it! Thank you so much!!
- Kelly W  Oct. 2016

I ordered a red velvet cake for my Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. The cake turned out beautiful! It was moist and delicious and so much more than I ever expected. I would definitely suggest this place for an affordable and yummy treat!  -- Karissa M  Oct. 2016

 Your cake was amazing!  I'm glad there were leftovers to enjoy on Sunday.  Thank you again for taking my last minute order.
-- Brenda W  Oct. 2016

I highly recommend It Takes The Cake! They did a fabulous job with lingerie party cake and my daughter's wedding cake and the grooms cake!  
-Michelle G July 2016

OH MY GOSH!!!  We just this minute got home and I could not wait to email you and tell you what an amazing cake you made!  It was beyond beautiful!  Everyone there wanted to know where it came from!  And not only was it gorgeous, it tasted soooo goooood!  I cannot thank you enough, I am so glad I found you!

We will definitely be calling on you again and will recommend you to everyone I know!  I am jealous that my father and brother got to meet you and I did not, they said you were so very nice, which I already knew. My niece took some cute pics of my mother with the cake and as soon as she downloads them and sends them to me I will send you one. 

You really proved today that "it takes the cake to make the party complete"! Thanks so very much! -- Julie M

The cake and cupcakes were so delicious and beautiful. Thank you again; you did a wonderful job and made our night very special!  -- Aysha A  8/2016

Thank you, thank you for the cake. EVERYONE REALLY loved the cake. My mom loved, loved it.  She took the gloves off to take home so she can show her friends, etc.  She lives in NC. You did a fabulous job! Thank you so much.  - Pam C 3/2016

It went wonderful!  He loved...and everyone said it tasted so good... I will make sure when I have another event I call you weeks ahead of time...Thank you so much! -- Erica B 2/2016




The cake was amazing! Everyone loved it! It tasted great and looked great! And I gave your info to a few gueststhank u so much for everything! Can't wait to order my next cake soon.  -- Enas B 2/2016



Hey Jeanine!

We absolutely loved the cake!!!!! Thank you so much!  -- Mike T B -- 10/2015





I want to thank you for the amazing cake you made for our baby shower. Everything about it was perfect from the quality and taste to how beautifully it was crafted.

Each of the guests enjoyed it and commented on the amazing taste and texture.

You definitely won some new customers that day and I will definitely recommend you to others!It was such a pleasure working with you and I look forward to celebrating many more events with It Takes The Cake!
Thank you for everything!     
-Nabeeha Q.  -- 10/2015

The cake was amazing . We had so many compliments on it and just how beautiful it was. Thank you for everything you guys did to help us. You are amazing people. It was by far the best party! Hugs  
- Suj J   8/1/16

Everyone absolutely loved it! It was a "hilarious hit" and tasted delish! :) Thank you again.  I need to talk to my friend and see if she has found anybody yet...I will pass along your info.
-- Susan A 2016

The cake was unbelievable. It was truly a work of art. I cannot thank you enough. It made the day perfect. I shared your info with everyone and look forward to working with you on something amazing soon. -- Nia G 10/2015

The cake was a masterpiece and tasted great!!!  Everyone just loved it.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  Quite a number of friends asked for your card so I'm glad you left them here. 


Thanks again!  The cake really made his 50th spectacular!!!!! --Mari Beth C

Hello Jeanine, 

I"m impressed!  Thank you for your hard work!!  
This is going to be a lovely surprise!  I can't wait for him to see it! 

Thank you again!!  --Daniella S

The cake was a success not only was it beautiful it was delicious!!! I thank you so much for making my daughters sweet 16 that much more specia!


I will surely be in touch for our next event! -- Theresa F

Thanks so much for getting back with me! I am SO glad that I found you again. Your cake was so delicious :)   --Sam L

The cake was awesome! Thank you so much! My husband didn't even want to cut it and he loved it. Everyone wanted me to tell you how wonderful it was.  -- Haley H

Corporate cake:

They were awesome!  I didn't get home till after midnight last night and have been running all morning this morning but you are amazing and did and awesome job and we will definitely remember you when we take over more properties!  -- Sally T   09/2015

Just wanted to say thanks again for the cake!! Everyone loved it, and great reviews on the surprise layer :) 


I'm glad I went with the bigger size, because I had only 5 slices! 


Great job, I can't wait for the next party. -- Laura J

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