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Kidz EZ Pro Cakez

Parents and Grand Parents, this book is dedicated to teaching professional-style caking and decorating skills to kids right from the start, while making learning fun and EZ along the way!  For younger kids you will be there teaching them from this book right from the start!


The instructions are so simple older kids and adults will benefit from it as a beginners guide to producing professional looking cakes! Younger kids will take this in like a sponge as an adult guides them through the process.  This book includes recipes, decoration tutorials, patterns for cake ideas, lots of pictures and links, and also a list of tools that will make baking and decorating easier. 


Recommended ages 5+ with adult supervision.  Bonding in the kitchen will produce memories that will follow the child all their life! I hope you both enjoy every minute!

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Link on Amazon:  Kidz EZ Pro Cakez 

What are people saying?

What a fun cookbook to use with kids—colorful layout, easy-to-follow instructions, and delicious recipes! I loved all the "extra" baking tips you don't usually hear unless you are a professional, and the safety instructions will help build great habits in the kitchen. The patterns in the back of the book and clear instructions about fondant make it easy for your child to feel like a professional decorator, and the food jokes throughout will bring lots of chuckles. (Why did the boy eat his homework? His friend said it was a piece of cake! haha) Very pleased with this purchase!   --   K. Ramos

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